CSUEB Browser / Internet Capabilities Diagnostic Test
Green = Good || Yellow = Caution! || Red = Needs attention!
After reviewing your web browser and internet-related settings and programs, we have detected the following important issues (*Note- If JavaScript is not enabled, the test results are not reliable.):
Your Computer - The Computer at your IP Address ( appears to be running Unknown Unknown as your system "platform." Your browser language is set to English. With a limited screen resolution of (-1 x -1), in campus web applications like Blackboard, screen space may appear crowded and force you to scroll to see everything. Whenever possible, use a higher screen resolution. Please DO NOT attempt to take a test using a limited resolution.
Your Connection - Information is travelling between your location and our servers at approximately 0 Kilobytes per second. [Retest]. [Charter's detailed speed test] You are probably on a telephone / slow modem internet connection. This means your downloads, uploads and communications with our server may take a longer time, compared to other connection types. You will need to be patient or consider visiting a campus lab or alternative location to obtain large files from campus web applications like Blackboard.  
Your Web Browser - Attention! - your browser, Generic crawler 2.0, is not a fully-supported browser for use with CSUEB's campus web applications like Blackboard. It may not function properly or as intended in all scenarios. Notice - your browser, Generic crawler 2.0, while a very standards-compliant and capable browser, is not officially "supported" browser for use with CSUEB's campus web applications like Blackboard. You will probably not experience any problems, but if you do, we are unable to support you due to limited resources.

Important Browser Settings (Should be "YES")
JavaScript Enabled?:
You must have JavaScript enabled in order to use Blackboard and many other campus web applications. Too many functions rely on it. Please make this change before using these sites.

Images enabled?:

CSS (Style Sheets) capable?:
Much of Blackboard's menu system and text is controlled by Style Sheets. For a proper "look and feel" within Blackboard, please make this change before logging in to your CSUEB online course space.

Persistent cookies enabled?:

Session cookies enabled?:
You must have session cookies enabled in order to login to and use Blackboard and many other campus web applicatons. Please make this change before logging in to these sites.

Java applets?:

Java appears to be unavailable to your browser. This means you will not be able to use the virtual collaboration / real-time chat and equation editor tools. If this is a required element in a class, you will need to update your browser.

Pop-ups blocked? This could make taking a test impossible in Blackboard!
Try our pop-up detection.


Your Browser Plugins / Adjunct Software - While using Blackboard and other web applications at CSUEB, your materials may be posted that require your Computer to have certain additional software to be installed and accessible to your Internet browser. Some common, detectable examples are listed in the chart below:

Common (FREE) Software Utilized in Online Learning
Get Acrobat ReaderAdobe Acrobat Reader?:
Not tested.[Test now]

Get Flash PlayerFlash Player?:
[Download...][Test sample .swf]

Director Shockwave Player?:
+ Version:
[Download...][View sample .swf]
You do have a Director Shockwave player installed, but the version of the software is out of date. You can upgrade it for free at Macromedia's site.

Get QuicktimeQuickTime Player?:
Not detectable in this browser setup.
[Download...][Test sample .mov]
We are not able to determine if you have QuickTime installed due to browser limitations. You can troubleshoot this further at Apple's QuickTime Troubleshooting site.

Get Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player?:

Get Real Player Real Media Player?:
It is not possible in your browser to detect if RealMedia Player is installed. This program is often used for viewing streaming audio and video (.rm, .ram, etc.) and other multimedia pieces on the Internet. You can download it for free at www.real.com. Look for the FREE player, not a "pay-for" version.

CSUEB Blackboard Support for assistance.

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