CSUEB Web Application Server

If you were attempting to get to Blackboard, please go to http://bb.csueastbay.edu/

For MyCSUEB, please go to https://cmsweb.csueastbay.edu/psp/HEBPRD/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/h/?tab=GUEST

For the eSAF/eFAF, please go to https://webapps.csueastbay.edu/secure/eSAFeFAF/

For the eSARF, please go to https://webapps.csueastbay.edu/secure/eSARF/

For the Faculty/Staff Directory, please go to http://webapps.csueastbay.edu/public/staffdir/

For the main CSUEB website, please go to http://www.csueastbay.edu/

























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