Department of Educational Leadership Admissions Application

Fall 2015 applications will open soon. The application period is January 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015.

There are four options in the Educational Leadership graduate program:

  • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier I) + MS in Educational Leadership
  • MS in Educational Leadership only
  • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier I) only
  • Clear Administrative Services Credential (Tier II) only (must already hold a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential)
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Recommendation Form 

This form is required from each of the three (3) recommenders; at least one must be an administrator. (Tier I only)

Statement of Purpose Prompt

This form contains the department-required Statement of Purpose. If you wish to use the same response as your University application, you should attach it to this form. (Tier I only)

Verification of Experience Form

This form is required for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program,  a valid clear teaching or services credential and five years of teaching or services experience are required. District level personnel, human resources or a credential official, should sign the form. For the Clear Administrative Services Credential, two-years of experience as an Administrator is required.

Verification of Employment as an Administrator

This form is required for the Intern Preliminary Admin Services Credential & Professional Clear Administraive Services Credential (Tier II) programs. This is also required if you are seeking an Internship Credential in Adminstrative Services for your current position. The administrative position must be at least (40%) of your assignment.

Personal Information 

 This describes our practices for handling personal information and why we need certain items in the application.

Personal data entered by the user is not released without the user's express consent and direction.

To begin application, click "Create Application."

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