Education Specialist Programs
Admissions Application

Applications for Fall 2014 are now being accepted from October 1, 2013 throught June 30, 2014.

The Department of Educational Psychology offers several Special Education (SPED) programs, however the programs that are currently available are listed in the drop-down options in the department application.*

  • Master's in Special Education only
  • Preliminary Education Specialist Credential (must currently hold a teaching credential)**
  • Master's in Special Education with Preliminary Education Specialist Credential
  • Autism Authorization (addition to current Mild/Moderate Disabilites Credential)

*You must choose the option of Mild/Moderate Disabilites or Moderate/Severe Disabilities for all programs, except the Autism Authorization. 

**If you currently do not hold a Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential, you must apply to our TEDSPED program (our dual program that leads to a Multiple Subject Credential and Preliminary Education Specialist Credential). For more information, click here

Click here for Important Admissions Updates.

  Important links for Completing the Special Education Credential Admissions Process 

External LinkDescription
Personal Information

This describes our practices for handling personal information and why we need certain items in the application.

Credential Programs at CSU East Bay

Since you are applying for a Education Specialist Credential or Program, please review the programs related to that from our Educational Psychology department.

Please also review the section on Authorization and Specialization at the bottom since the Special Education programs require a choice.

Special Education Handbook for  2012

This handbook provides information about the Special Education Program programs, admissions document requirements, and deadlines. Please refer to department website until further notice.

Admissions Checklist

This checklist is required to serve as a cover page to your application packet.

Recommendation Form  This form is used to help document your prerequisite field experience. You may make multiple copies of this form as needed. Each form must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation; three (3) Letters of Recommendation are required.
Statement of Purpose Coversheet 

This form is required to accompany your statement of purpose.

CSU Mentor

This link will direct you to the University application. 




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