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Training Requirements

Before a SARF is submitted

All Employees need to complete the training for the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) every two years. In addition, regular employees must complete the CSU's Data Security and Privacy (DSP) training; and auxiliary employees must complete the CSU's Computer Security Awareness (CSA) training. Further, anyone needing access to medical information needs to complete Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training.

How to get FERPA training

CSUEB's FERPA training is offered on-line at https://wapps1.csueastbay.edu/ferpa/. (There is also a link on CSUEB's home page for staff.) The training takes about thirty minutes. We recommend that you try to complete the training in one sitting, because if you exit the training before you finish, you must start again at the beginning of the training.

How to take Data Security and Privacy (DSP) training

The CSU's Data Security and Privacy (DSP) training is for regular (not auxiliary) employees and student assistants. The DSP training is offered at https://ds.calstate.edu/?svc=skillsoft&org=csueastbay. Training accounts are created automatically based on data in employees' job records in the PeopleSoft Human Resources system.

How to take Computer Security Awareness (CSA) training

The CSU's Computer Security Awareness (CSA) training is for auxiliary employees. The CSA training is offered at http://www.targetsolutions.com/csuebfoundation. For the CSU's Coomputer Security Awareness training, an account must be created for an employee. Sign an employee up for CSA training

How to get HIPAA training

Employees who need to access a system that contains medical records (e.g. MediCat) must complete HIPAA training. Employees need to request training directly from Student Health Services (510-885-3735 or visit HC 1000) who will provide the training materials.

For More Information

If you have questions or need assistance, please send a request to the ITS Information Security Office at infosecurity@csueastbay.edu.